Unstoppable – Raja Kumari – Mp3 song download

Download the Mp3 song Unstoppable sung by Raja Kumari.

Unstoppable – Raja Kumari
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Raja Kumari, Midival Punditz and the Radikal Forze Crew sample the unique sounds of Singapore to create an electrifying track with mesmerizing views of Singapore.

Vh1 India along with Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has come up with a music video ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ which is shot against the urban landscape of Singapore and incorporates the distinct sounds of everyday life in Singapore. The first cross-border collaborative English music video made by an international tourism board for the Indian market, STB’s ‘Unstoppable’, as the title suggests, urges viewers to evoke their experience-and-discover spirit by pursuing and living up their passions. Apart from the three internationally renowned artistes, the music video also showcases two prominent talents from Singapore like Tan Wei Tian, the youngest Chinese opera singer from the city and Mark Ong, a leading Singaporean sneaker designer.